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20 New Surreal Photo Manipulations #photography #fotografia

We first introduced you to self-taught photo manipulation master Sarolta Ban (see here) 2 years ago. During this time young Hungarian artist kept progressing and created a whole bunch of new surreal photo manipulations.

Sarolta says she tries to use ordinary objects in order to create various new stories with them, and leave room for every one’s own interpretation. She doesn’t have a single pattern of work: sometimes it’s the object that she likes and plays around with, other times the artist develops the idea first.

Since the last time we talked with her, she got her work exhibited in Netherlands, Ireland, France, Poland, Luxemberg and Hungary. It didn’t go unnoticed and she even received Elle Magazine’s Young Artist Talent Award together with Qualified European Photographer award from Federation of European Photographers.

With new exhibitions and even a release of a personal photo book planned, Sarolta now has a lot less time for designing jewellery, something she used to do for living. This shouldn’t be a pity, though, since her photo manipulations are simply pieces of jewellery, too!

Vía: Demilked

20 New Surreal Photo Manipulations #photography #fotografia