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18 Surreal Photo Manipulations #design #photography

A portfolio by Erik Johansson, photographer and retoucher from Sweden, must be one of  the strongest contemporary examples of fine retouching. Erik creates incredible fantasy worlds that are at the same time wildly surreal photo, yet so masterfully done that you almost start believing them: “Although one photo can consist hundreds of layers I always want it to look like it could have been captured,” he says. Brilliant work!


Expecting Winter

Electric Guitar

Cut & Fold


Set Them Free


Arms Break, Vases Don’t

Fishy Island

Snow Cover

Face vs. Fist

Roadworker’s Coffee Break

Go Your Own Road

Vertical Turn                                              Self-Actualization


Big Laundry Day

Stryktålig                                                       A Painting Too Real

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18 Surreal Photo Manipulations #design #photography