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Incredibly Detailed Hyperphotos #design #photography

By combining hundreds or thousands of individual photographs, French photographer Jean-François Rauzier creates seemingly endless fantasy worlds that are 10,000 times the resolution of a normal photograph.

An inspiration for what he calls hyperphotos came from Rauzier’s pity that movie-makers could have people’s attention for hours, while pictures would take only few moments to be viewed. That’s why in 2002 he invented a “hyperphoto” concept and started creating enormous scenes that immerse the spectator into a dreamlike, sometimes fantastic universe. He would spend hours photographing a single object, so that later he could juxtapose, stretch and blend thousands of shots into a single highly detailed image.

His photographs are so large, that you can keep zooming until you end up stalking somebody through a window or reading book titles in a library. Even printed out on a 66-feet-wide surface, the pictures would stay sharp and crisp. Be sure to visit his site and see it for yourself.



Cour de Marbre



Bibliothèque idéale 1


Escalier de la Reine

Close up:



Molitor 2

Sagrada Familia

Sant Pau


Bibliothèque du Vatican

Bibliothèque Idéale 2

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Incredibly Detailed Hyperphotos #design #photography