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Creative Balloon Lamps by Estiluz #design #mobiliario #fotografia

If you’re looking for some creative lighting ideas for your kid’s room, you’re in luck (or in trouble) because Spanish decorative lighting manufacturers Estiluz offers a really cool set of balloon lamps that are both elegant and fun. Why in trouble?  Well, it’s a bit pricey, so better don’t let your kids see them.

“Balloon doesn’t drift off into the sky, because it finds its home on your ceiling or wall and gives out light to brighten your rooms. The ceiling and wall versions of Balloon feature a stylized design. To give these pieces the ethereal appearance desired, the shade is made of satinized polyethylene, a translucent material that hides an energy saving fluorescent bulb. What’s more, a fine red cable hangs subtly from the shade, which also serves as a switch in the wall version.” [1]

Website: | Available at: for 262,33 EUR

Would you rather put this lamp in your kid’s room or your own bedroom?

Vía: Demilked

Creative Balloon Lamps by Estiluz #design #mobiliario #fotografia