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Artist Builds a Car from Bodypainted Models #design #fotografia

What was designed to be an educational campaign against speeding by advertising agency Clemenger BBDO and the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia, turned out a true piece of art. Calling this simply a body paint project would be quite an understatement: the way an Australian artist Emma Hack built a car from 17 bodypainted models should also be categorized as body architecture.

Emma spent a whopping 18 hours painting 12 men and 5 women. She started her work by analyzing a picture of a wrecked car, and painting human bodies over it to figure out a way to position them. The painting work was completed in 5 stages, by starting with the base color and gradually adding more details to the models. Now that’s the kind of social advertising that should get its message across!


The amazing illusion created from 17 bodypainted models was a part of the South Australia’s Motor Accident Commission’s anti-speeding campaign with a symbolic message “We all play a part.”

Vía: Demilked

Artist Builds a Car from Bodypainted Models #design #fotografia