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Incredible Finger Paintings #design #art

While working, Iris Scott resembles a pianist – however, instead of music, she creates gorgeous finger paintings. With her hands in a pair of surgical gloves, the artist works by touching the canvas at multiple points at the same time. It might sound complicated, but she actually learned that this way it’s easier to get beautiful paint swirls and manage the amounts of oil.

Iris discovered finger paintings while living in Thailand. Hating the idea of having to clean the paint brush before going for the bright yellow, she applied the color with her fingertips. “I knew within 10 strokes that finger painting with oils was what I would spend the rest of my life doing,” says Iris. She says she has multiple sources of inspiration – sometimes a photograph or her own sketch: “I search for color relationships, and intriguing forms. I see the world through ‘finger painted’ colored glasses.”


Vía: Demilked

Incredible Finger Paintings #design #art