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Incredible Drawings Made of Thousands of Cartoon Doodles #art #design #fotografia

At a distance, Sagaki Keita’s works look like recreations of classical paintings and sculptures, but when you come closer, you start to see that they’re composed of hundreds and thousands of whimsical cartoon doodles.

Amazingly, all his works are completely improvised and hand-drawn without being drafted first. Tokyo-based artist draws in ink, usually with a 0.38mm pen and takes anywhere from a few weeks to 10 months to finish an illustration.


“All things are composed of whole and part. For instance, The human body is built from 60 trillion cells. Moreover, Every matter is formed by an atom or a molecule. When all people live in this world, everybody belong to some organization such as a family, school, company and nation, even if we are unconsciousness. Let’s broaden your horizons. your country is part of nations all over the world. And, The solar system including our planet is a part of the Galaxy. however, the concept of “ whole and part” is not fixed. it’s in flux. If we interpret from a different viewpoint, the wholeness which we defined is converted into the partialness. Domain in the relations of both, it never ends. The concept of my creation is the relations of borderless “whole and part”. As I draw a a picture in this concept, I want to express conflict and undulation from relations of “whole and part”, cannot be measured in addition and subtraction (The whole in the grand total of the part. and the Part by the whole division),” – Sagaki Keita.

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Incredible Drawings Made of Thousands of Cartoon Doodles #art #design #fotografia