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30 Tutoriales de Photoshop para Diseñadores Gráficos #design


En este post mostramos 30 tutoriales de Photoshop para Diseñadores Gráficos. Los mismos se encuentran en inglés. Pero son muy interesantes.

En la recopilación encontraras de todo un poco, desde manipulación de imagenes, retoque de fotos, ilustraciones, montajes de fotos y efectos de textos.

Un saludo.

Los 30 tutoriales, con sus enlaces:


Create an Amazing Abstract Heart Surreal Photoshop Tutorial

Create a surreal abstract artwork. Starting with just a single photograph, you’ll learn how to apply adjustments to bring it into an easily workable color scheme, as well as then using the pen tool to create surreal shapes. Then, you’ll learn how to finish it off with a few other effects and another stock photo, for a surreal artwork.

Photo Manipulator’s Guide to Blending

This tutorial covers basic blending techniques which are essential for every photo manipulation. Without proper blending your images won’t look believable. There are several ways how to blend images together.

Create a Futuristic Photo Illustration with Photoshop

Take an image of a model and turn it into a futuristic composition that uses various Photoshop techniques. The tutorial shows how to do some work with masks and implementing color and light effects to achieve the end result.

Mix Hand Drawing Sketch with Photo

Create a unique photo effect from a sketch and photo. You’ll need some skills in drawing as to create this effect you will need to draw a sketch. This tutorial will show you how to use you sketch and combine it with a real picture.

Create Beauty Woman Effect in Photoshop

Add light effects to your photo and create a cool photo effect from your usual image. This tutorial offers tips on how to work with lights in Photoshop, mainly focusing on working with layers, blending modes, brushes, as well as using some textures and stock images.

Photo Manipulate a Falling Angel

Photo manipulate a photo to make the model look like a falling angel.

Photoshop Skin Retouching

Retouch skin in a photo using Photoshop. First, the impurities of the skin are removed, then the color differences of the skin are balanced, and last the skin is smoothed while taking into account natural pores.

Professional Beauty Retouch

Enhance a beauty portrait to give the model a flawless appearance in three simple steps.

How to Create a Vibrant Image Using Photoshop

Add more energy and dynamism to a photo. The effects can be extended and used on many types of photos to create a feeling of motion and vibrancy to a static image.

Enhance Photos While Still Keeping Skin Pores

Get your photos enhanced using Photoshop while still keeping skin pores. This tutorial shows you how to make the model look good while still looking real.

Fantastic Disintegration Effect inspired by Watchmen in Photoshop

Create the Watchmen-inspired disintegration effect using brushes and the blur filter in Photoshop.

Photoshop CS5 Digital Painting Tutorial

Convert a photo into a great-looking digital painting using Photoshop.

How to Create Bamboo in Adobe Photoshop

Draw a semi-realistic bamboo in Photoshop. Perfect for textures and backgrounds.

Paint a Fun Alien Diner Scene in Photoshop

Digitally paint a fun alien diner scene using Photoshop.

Use a Tablet to Create Stunning Comic Book Fan Art Illustrations

Draw a comic book illustration using Photoshop. Specifically, this tutorial uses a fan art illustration of the Knights of the Zodiac manga character Capricorn Shura (Masami Kurumada). This tutorial reviews some tips and tricks when working with a digital tablet and Photoshop.

Making of the Imaginary Paint Dancers

Create a digital painting of imaginary paint dancers using Photoshop.

Create a Fantasy Girlbird Illustration in Photoshop

Create a fantasy bird girl illustration using digital painting and photo manipulation techniques.

Create an Extruded Glossy 3D Text Effect in Photoshop

Combine the two popular styles of 3D effects and shiny glossy graphics to create an extruded 3D glossy text effect in Photoshop.

Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect in Photoshop

Create a spectacular grass text effect in Photoshop. Perfect for a cover or poster of a nature-focused video, book, or something else entirely.

Create a Smashing Composition Text

Use simple and easy techniques to create a smashing composition text in Photoshop.

Master 3D Type Effects

Create text with 3D characters that weave in and out of each other using Photoshop’s masking tools and layers.

Create a Dark Grunge 3D Text Scene in Photoshop

Create some dark and grungy 3D text using Photoshop. The tutorial shows how to use consistent lighting, layer styles to create shadows for our type, Photoshop filters, and how to add a dark textured background that seems to fade out as it approaches the edge of the canvas – a popular design technique.

Create Super Glossy 3D Typography in Illustrator and Photoshop

Create a super-glossy 3D text using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Create a Remarkable Poster with Decorative Elements

Create various decorative elements including geometric shapes, halftones, ribbons, 3D stars, and 3D text in Illustrator and then merge, compose, enhance, and texturize them in Photoshop. The tutorial shows how to use both of these powerful tools for their strengths and take advantage of both vector and raster graphics.

Create Blood and Milk Typography Poster in Photoshop

Create a edgy yet sleek typography poster. This tutorial uses some paint splashes, custom fonts, a few stocks from deviantART, and basic Photoshop techniques.

Create Abstract Poster Effects

Create an abstract poster with strong but simple shapes and bold colors using Photoshop and Illustrator.

How to Create a Dynamic Nature Poster in Photoshop

Create a dynamic nature poster using stock images, vectors, and brushes in Photoshop.

How to Create a Retro Aesthetic Poster in Photoshop

Blend a stock image with shapes and a pattern, then add lightness and color to get a nice retro poster – all in Photoshop.

Retro Poster Tutorial Using Photoshop

Create a dynamic retro poster in Photoshop that’s inspired by various night club posters.



30 Tutoriales de Photoshop para Diseñadores Gráficos #design
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