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Panadería Chirico de Carlton, Australia #design #diseño #arquitectura

Y es que da igual que vendas pan, fruta, joyas o lo último en tecnología. Si el producto o el género es bueno y además lo arropas de una buena -magnífica- presentación, seguro que el éxito es total.

‘baker d. chirico’ by march studio in carlton, australia
all images courtesy march studio
image © peter bennetts

melbourne-based architecture practice march studio has shared with us images of ‘baker d. chirico’,
an interior project for a new branch of the artisanal bakery in carlton, australia. seeking to stay simple
and true to the product, the design features an undulating CNC-routed plywood form that lends
a dynamic sense of space to the narrow shop in addition to providing shelving for the bread.

interior view
image © peter bennetts

exhibiting a limited street face, the store’s facade maximizes on the level of visual communication by
a floor-to-ceiling stretch of glazing. the interior space is projected onto the street, conveying the shop’s
program and activity in a transparent fashion. the sculptural treatment of the bakery serves as
an aesthetic marker, resulting in a design with a distinct identity on the street.

view of street
image © peter bennetts

pragmatic in its layout, the interior is linearly arranged to make most of the limited space. a long central
counter which acts as a large cutting board loosely defines the service space with display of the products
delegated to one wall. the undulation of the shelving accommodates for a variety of baked goods,
from long baguettes to round pagnotta. the three-dimensional surface wraps around to the ceiling,
resulting in a dynamic and playful manipulation of space.

display wall
image © peter bennetts

varying depths in shelving
image © peter bennetts

(left) central cutting board table
(right) detail
images © peter bennetts

image © peter bennetts

image © peter bennetts

towards entrance
image © 
peter bennetts

back kitchen
image © peter bennetts

night view
image © peter bennetts

image © peter bennetts

floor plan

reflected ceiling plan



axonometric of display unit

display unit plan

shelf typical section

CNC patterns for verticals, ceiling and shelves

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Panadería Chirico de Carlton, Australia #design #diseño #arquitectura