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James Bond: The Ultimate Traveller #design #infographic

James Bond is undeniably the coolest traveller on the planet. You won’t find him jostling for room in an 8-bed dorm or buying a discount phone-card in a newsagent, though. In his typical way, Bond travels in style. To coincide with the UK release of Skyfall, here at My Destination we’ve been thinking about the world’s most reliable man of action, and in the following infographic we’re crowning him as the ultimate traveller. If you fancy replicating Bond but don’t have a government agent’s wallet, don’t panic – we’ve twinned the infographic with an article to show you that you can craftily sprinkle yourself in Bond’s lifestyle without shelling out. Thank us later.

N.B. Don’t forget to scroll below the infographic to read all about how to travel like Bond at an affordable price!

James Bond

Bond on a Budget: An Affordable Way to Live Like 007

The flamboyance of James Bond is legendary. If he isn’t swooning among the high-rollers of the world, he’ll be charging through the city streets in a tank (Goldeneye), or driving a car in the sea (The Spy Who Loved Me), or running across the heads of crocodiles (Live and Let Die). Emulating that is no cheap task, but believe it or not you can have a slice of the lifestyle without having the budget of the British government behind you. For starters, remember to simply start introducing yourself by surname-forename-surname.

A Cruise Along the Thames

James Bond doesn’t do subtle. His idea of a river cruise, as shown in The World is Not Enough, involves tearing down the Thames causing carnage in a speedboat. It’s not feasible for the budget traveller to replicate this without causing considerable disruption on the London streets (and that won’t win you any friends among London’s commuters). However, to experience London by road and by water without Bond’s level of drama try a London Duck Tour, which will gift you a riverboat view of London’s famous cityscape. This serves as proof that doing as Bond does needn’t involve explosions. Just ducks.

An Evening Tipple

The world’s most prolific spy is a particular man with a particular drink order. Despite dabbling in scotch and sodas in Bond literature, in the movie series Bond has a penchant for Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred. If you’re wondering, shaking crushes up the ice rather than letting it melt, giving the drink a smoother overall taste. Of course, it won’t always be possible to recreate this on a budget. So, you’re going to need to be experimental in your local bar. As an alternative, why not try a sparkling water in a tall glass with a stirrer sitting in it. It’s only a theory, but any drink looks more elegant with the addition of a stirrer (whether you prefer your drinks shaken or not).

A Gentleman’s Wardrobe

Famously, Bond knows how to dress. Sharp suits, tuxedos and sometimes nothing but trunks, Bond is always impeccably turned out. While you’re travelling this might not always be possible, certainly if you’re always wearing the same ripped t-shirt. So, if you want style on the road you should get yourself to Asia and book a session with the tailors of Vietnam. A cheap Asian suit can make you look like a flamboyant game-show host or make you dazzle like a 00-agent. Whichever you prefer.

A Country Drive

Bond’s attitude to road trips is best viewed in Quantum of Solace, which sees him rip through the Italian countryside en route to Siena via a particularly bothersome car chase which strips his Aston Martin of much of its buffed appeal. For the budget road trip you need not involve yourself in a high speed chase. Rather, you should consider hiring the cheapest car or scooter that you can before loosening you shirt, flicking your hair free and taking to the countryside like you belong on the silver screen.

A Night at the Casino

The thing about Bond is that he only seems to play with high stakes. This is famously the case in Casino Royale, which sees him locked in a costly poker game against his enemy like a child challenging his friend to a game of conkers in the playground. Obviously, the budget traveller will be watching the pennies, so instead of a trip to the casino you should pool all your change and head straight to the nearest penny arcade. It might not be full of statesmen and ladies in cocktail dresses, but you might just win an oversized soft toy. Swings and roundabouts.

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James Bond: The Ultimate Traveller #design #infographic
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