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High-Speed Water Drop Photography #fotografia #photography #design

Heinz Maier started photography only about a year ago, but his high-speed water drop photos have already become an instant sensation. He is a great example that with todays technology you don’t necessary need years of experience to start making good photos. Germany-based artist says that he doesn’t know yet what genre he will choose, but right now he is experimenting in macro photography.

“I’ve been photographing since the end of 2010. I’m fascinated by everything in the photography I would really like to try everything at once but one after another. I do not know yet which genre I would be developing in, but right now I am experimenting in macro photography (insect and water drop photography). I photograph in my free time; that is the best way for me to relax,” says the artist.

Websites: flickr | 500px

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High-Speed Water Drop Photography #fotografia #photography #design