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15 Creative Food Art Ideas #design #fotografia

Every once in a while we get this urge to get creative in the kitchen, however, if noodles is all you can find in your pantry and your best cooking skill is ordering take-outs, it might get complicated. Not to worry – sometimes it’s not about what you serve, it’s about how you serve it! Who could refuse an Angry bird sandwich or a plate of Chewbacca noodles? Here’s a selection of 15 creative food art ideas to get you inspired!

1. Sleeping Rice Bear

Image credits: unknown

2. Hot Dog Mummies



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3. Chewbacca Noodles

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4. Eggregation


Image credits: scalvert

5. Hot “Dogs”


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6. “All you need is love…”

Image credits: Hong Yi

7. Hairy Sausage


Image credits: englishrussia

8. “Hot” Chicken Wings

Image credits: Alex J Jefferies

10. Pasta Nest


Image credits: Crafty Moods

11. Octopus


Image credits: unknown

12. Panda Sushi

Image credits: Jimmy Choo

13. Angry Birds Sandwiches

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14. Curry Onsen


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15. Octopus Sausages


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15 Creative Food Art Ideas #design #fotografia