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World’s Best Dad and his Daughter Alice Bee #fotografia

What started merely as an intent to entertain family and friends, eventually turned into a well-selling calender and constant fan demands for more. Dave Engledow once took a picture of himself carelessly holding his daughter Alice Bee like a football and a mug that read “World’s Best Dad”. This funny scene ultimately gave the name to the entire crazy series and the cup was featured in all the following shots.

Maryland-based photographer assures that all the precarious situations that Alice Bee is put in are created by Photoshop, and the safety of his first-born always comes first. In the end, Dave is happy to have created something that his daughter will be able to treasure as an adult. Surely he and Jason Lee would have a lot to talk about!

Website: Engledow Art Photography

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World’s Best Dad and his Daughter Alice Bee #fotografia