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Underground Art In Stockholm’s Metro Station #architecture #design

A casual underground ride in Stockholm becomes quite a treat for the eyes of the passengers, as most of the stations in the capital of Sweden are showcasing some amazing underground artwork. Russian software architect Alexander Dragunov must’ve really enjoyed his rides as well, and made some stunning shots of the underground artwork. The pictures below were taken in the Solna Centrum station, were the cave-like installations were created by artists Anders Aberg and Karl-Olov Bjor back in the 1970s.

Ever since 19th century, a debate has been going on in Sweden about the need to make art more accessible to people outside the salons. No wonder then that with the first proper underground line opened in 1950, various artwork was installed in the stations shortly. From around a 100 stations in the city, 90 are hosting various works by almost 150 artists. That 110 km underground system has got to be the world’s longest art exhibition!


Vía: Demilked

Underground Art In Stockholm’s Metro Station #architecture #design